5 Year Collection Celebration

We have something BIG to celebrate here! Ooh Baby is 5 years old! It all started when I, Anika Ignozzi, was given a free sewing machine from my friend's mom to create the first patchwork character designs. Shortly after its creation, I began selling at a weekend street market in downtown Pittsburgh. Ever since it’s been paint,  sweat and so many fantastic clients  that has snowballed Ooh Baby into this magical brand. I have gone from a storefront in Pittsburgh (2020) to currently, a storefront in NYC all while hand painting almost every piece of clothing! Upcycling clothing is a staple of the brand as it serves as our major drive to help the environment while also creating super expressive pieces.  So, to celebrate this fabulous 5, I am bringing back some of my favorite painted and patchy styles! The 5 year collection is live and new items are dropping each week!! As this Baby is growing, the future holds full collection launches with crazy original Ooh Baby colors & of course, the signature characters! I am incredibly grateful for every single one of you for rocking with me. There is so much more to come. Scroll  down to check out some past & present pictures. ❤️ 


Anika Ignozzi


The very first OOH BABY Collection created in 2018. This collection was created for a fashion show in Pittsburgh that landed on my golden birthday, January 20th. I named this collection OOH BABY... and it sure did stick ;)

The first ever pop-ups began in the Strip District of Pittsburgh from 2018-2021 on the weekends. The time spent selling, sewing, and talking with clients at the 20th & Penn Ave market was really the start of OOH BABY. 

The OOH BABY Shop in Pittsburgh, PA. This was the first flagship OOH BABY opened in 2020 for a year. Similar to our current pop-up, I muraled the walls. IT also served as my studio and hang out spot.  I closed this shop to move to NYC!

The current 2023 Pop Up at 21 Greenwich Ave, NYC! I've had this pop-up running for a little over a year thanks to ChaShaMa, an NYC nonprofit. Located in the heart of the West Village, it has been a perfect spot for OOH BABY. All muraled out & super groovy. :)


The 5 year celebration items I'm bringing back to life! These are some of my favorite things!

On the left you'll see the classic Mouth Off Jeans modeled at the Versace Mansion in 2021. On the right is the recreated jeans now available in multiple sizes! These are the talk of the party. A fantastic statement piece!! 

On the left is the Ooh Baby jean jacket created at the Pittsburgh storefront. The hand painted "Diva" patch has been a signature character since the beginning. On the right is the reimagined jean jacket with a cutout Diva. Ready to pair with anything! 

On the left is the original egg wall in the first OOH BABY storefront! On the left is the current egg wall at the Pop Up!  I decided to bring back both the wall & the egg jeans from 2021. Sunny Side up PLEASE:)