I. Introduction
Welcome to the Ooh Baby Cookies Page. This page provides information about how Ooh
Baby uses cookies on our website to enhance your experience. We value your privacy
and aim to be transparent about our cookie practices.
II. What Are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit a website. They
help websites remember information about your visit and improve your browsing
III. Types of Cookies
We use the following types of cookies on our website:
• Essential Cookies: These are necessary for basic website functionality, such as
keeping you logged in.
• Analytics Cookies: We use Google Analytics to collect data about how our
website is used, helping us understand and improve its performance.
• Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used to deliver personalized
advertisements that may be of interest to you.
IV. Why We Use Cookies
We use cookies for various purposes, including:
• Enhancing your browsing experience.
• Analyzing website performance with Google Analytics.
V. Your Cookie Choices
You have the option to manage your cookie preferences. You can:
• Accept cookies by continuing to use our website.
• Adjust your cookie settings in your browser to reject or delete cookies.
VI. Cookies We Use
Below is a list of the cookies we use on our website:
Essential Cookies:
• Cookie Name: session_id
• Type: Essential
• Purpose: This essential cookie is used to manage user sessions on our website. It
helps maintain user authentication and allows users to stay logged in during their visit.
Without this cookie, users would need to log in repeatedly for each page they access.
• Cookie Name: auth_token
• Type: Essential
• Purpose: This essential cookie stores an authentication token that is used to
verify a user’s identity throughout their session. It ensures that users are continuously
authenticated while navigating our website, enabling a seamless and secure browsing
• Cookie Name: remember_me
• Type: Essential
• Purpose: This essential cookie provides an option for users to remain logged in
across sessions. When selected during login, it stores a token or identifier on the user’s
device, allowing them to access their account without the need to log in again on
subsequent visits.
Analytics Cookies:
• Cookie Name: _ga
• Type: Analytics
• Purpose: This Google Analytics cookie helps us track website traffic and user
interactions to improve our site.
• Cookie Name: _gid
• Type: Analytics
• Purpose: This Google Analytics cookie is used to distinguish users visiting our site.
Advertising Cookies:
• Cookie Name: “advertising_prefs”
• Type: Advertising
• Purpose: This advertising cookie stores your preferences for the types of
advertisements you’d like to see on our website, such as your preferred clothing
categories or styles.
• Cookie Name: “retargeting_id”
• Type: Advertising
• Purpose: This advertising cookie is used for retargeting purposes. It helps us
show you relevant advertisements based on your previous interactions with our site,
such as products you’ve viewed or added to your cart.
VII. Google Tag Manager
We use Google Tag Manager to manage various tags on our website, which may result
in additional cookies being stored. These cookies are used for tracking and analytics
VIII. Cookie Consent
By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with
this Cookies Policy. You can manage your cookie preferences as described in Section V.
IX. Changes to the Cookies Policy
We may update this Cookies Policy periodically to reflect changes in our cookie practices
or legal requirements. The effective date of the last update is provided below.
X. Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns about our cookie practices, please contact us at
[[email protected]].
XI. Applicable Laws
This Cookies Policy is governed by relevant data protection laws and regulations.
XII. Closing Statement
Thank you for visiting our Cookies Page. We value your trust and are committed to
providing a transparent and secure online experience.

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